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apply for a preimership or championship managers job


i reckon i could do this. especially thing england job. and my experience on championship manager and football manager (managerial history: liverpool, nuneaton, rushden, chievo, kalmar ff, malmo, doncaster, real madrid... the list goes on).


yup, 19/05/2006

mark texted me the night before last and sugegsted i should apply for the current managerial vacancy at middlesbrough football club. indeed, they are looking for a new manager and now does seem the time to apply:

i can see exactly what he was thinking; a decent, high profile club, but low enough in the premiership to give a young, ambitious manager like myself a go. so ive put an application together:

i feel that this letter cannot fail. however, my cv should at least cement an interview:

ive popped it in the post, and ill let you know how i get on. as i say, surely an interview is in the bag?


so close...

i hereby declare that middlesbrough football club and their chairman, Steve Gibson, are ace.